Springing Care Program Safeguards Loved Ones Before Emergencies Occur

Decades LLC provides a variety of elder services from its office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. To help families secure a plan of action for a loved one before a serious medical condition manifests, Decades LLC offers the Springing Care Program.

The Springing Care Program assists families in creating a care plan for Decades staff to follow in the event of a medical emergency or onset of a serious chronic illness. Designed to help families achieve peace of mind regarding a loved one’s care, the program establishes a support system consisting of legal professionals knowledgeable in the areas of medical consultation, guardianship and conservatorship procedures, and power of attorney. Program services focus primarily on appointing a power of attorney or agent who acts as power of attorney should the power of attorney appointee be unavailable when an emergency occurs.

Initial consultation appointments are offered at no cost, although plan establishment requires a one-time setup fee of $150 for individuals and $250 for couples. The fee covers expenses associated with collecting the necessary personal, medical, legal, and financial information, in addition to support services for the completion and acquisition of legal documents. Clients will receive an emergency packet of information and an emergency contact card upon complete enrollment. Renewals occur annually and require a $50 fee for continued service.


Alzheimer’s Association Provides Emergency Response Line for Wandering


Alzheimer’s Association  pic
Alzheimer’s Association
Image: alz.org

Decades LLC of Albuquerque, New Mexico, provides elder care services and consultations for guardianship, conservatorship, power of attorney, and family mediation. Outside of its business operations, Decades LLC supports the New Mexico Alzheimer’s Association and its initiatives. The association’s New Mexico chapter and other branches supply 24-hour emergency response through the MedicAlert + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return service.

Designed to help individuals with dementia and a history of wandering and becoming lost, MedicAlert + Safe Return is an emergency response line that works to locate missing individuals through a support network comprised of law enforcement agencies and Alzheimer’s Association chapters. The service also forwards medical information about the person to emergency medical responders if needed. Members of the public can call the toll-free number at any time to report a person found wandering.

Enrollment with MedicAlert + Safe Return provides memory-impaired individuals with 24-hour emergency response service, a personalized emergency wallet card, and an ID jewelry to help reunite them with families and caregivers. Jewelry IDs contain critical information such as the individuals’ membership number, important medical notes, and the toll-free emergency phone number. The package also includes a Six Steps to a Safe Return magnet and a personal health record (PHP) with MedicAlert + Safe Return.

Membership costs $35, payable after the first year of membership and once annually thereafter. The enrollment package with emergency wallet card and ID jewelry cost $62 including shipping and handling.